Apex Legends Guide – Tips on Using Gibraltar aka Shielded Fortress

Gibraltar is the son of a SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) volunteer in Outlands who has been trained to be someone who cares about protecting others.

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This started when he and his girlfriend stole his father’s motorbike and suddenly they were trapped in a landslide. Luckily his father was able to save them with the sacrifice of losing one of his hands.

That is the reason why he joined the Apex Games to protect his friends who are trying to earn money, fame and victory. Gibraltar joined forces to keep them safe.

If you are that type of player shooter who don’t really like being in front and prefer to do support, Gibraltar is very suitable to be played in Apex Legends.

His ability to create a protective circle and summon air missile attacks repeatedly makes him a character support which is quite a turn off because of the type tank.

Well, how to maximize ability shields or patron of this Gibraltar character? Check out the following review which will give you guides and tips on how to play Gibraltar well.

Passive Ability – Gun Shield

This ability will issue a shield or shield when Gibraltar is firing weapons so that it helps protect shots from the front.

Blocks: 100 damage

Very effective for additional attacks

Gibraltar is a character with type tank which is very suitable for beginners in Apex Legends. For example, your friend has difficulty carrying out attacks, take turns with Gibraltar to push because the shield in his hand is quite effective in making it difficult for the enemy.

Tactical Ability – Dome of Protection

This tactical ability allows Gibraltar to cast a dome-shaped shield that can block enemy attacks for 15 seconds.

Duration: 15s | Cooldown: 20s

Enable when regrouping

If your teammate is pressed and someone gets knocked down, do it regroup and activate this ability to protect them. While your teammate one more doing reviveyou can fire at the enemy to launch a substitute attack.

Beware of opponents who push

Note, this shield dome from Gibraltar can also be entered by enemies so you and your team have to be careful when they counterattack.

Ultimate Ability – Defensive Bombardment

This super ability allows Gibraltar to call in mortar attacks on marked positions.

Duration: 8s | Charge Time: 270s | Shellshock Duration: 4s | Delay after using Flares: 2s | Damage: 40s

Activate to finish off the enemy at once

If squad yours is fighting frequently with enemies in open spaces, activate this ability as soon as possible to destroy them. You can temporarily remove the shield dome to protect against existing mortar attacks.

Those are the guides and tips for maximizing the character of Gibraltar in Apex Legends which is very effective for supporting plus additional attacks.

How, how many enemies have died from the mortar attacks you took out?

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