10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Basically there are paid and free Android games. But most Android games with good quality require you to buy the game before you can play it.

The price is very varied, from thousands of rupiah to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. So, it’s a good idea to read this review before buying so you don’t regret it later.

Now, Gimbot will recommend 10 recommended paid Android games that you must play. Anything yeah? Check it out!

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1. Monument Valley 2

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Monument Valley 2 is one of the games puzzles Which out-of-the-box. Games developed by indie developers It won an award from the BAFTA Games Awards. BAFTA itself is a British Academy festival for film and television.

Monument Valley 2 is a sequel to the previous series, Monument Valley. If the first series tells about the adventures of a royal princess, for the second series it’s about a mother and her child who have to find a way out of various magical buildings.

Monument Valley 2 has a better display than the first version. So, for sure you will be spoiled with a unique and beautiful appearance.

DOWNLOAD: Monument Valley 2 – Android

2. The Escape 2

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Success with the first series, Team17 finally released the second version of The Escapist.

The Escapist is a strategy and simulation game with the theme of escaping from a prison. In this game, you are a convict who has spent his life in prison.

The goal is you have to escape from prison. Of course, it’s not that easy Fergusobecause you have to arrange various strategies to escape from prison.

What is superior in this game is that you are completely free to be able to set various strategies to be able to escape from prison. Making a scene to the point of disguising yourself as a police officer is part of the strategy to escape.

You can also how come make your own strategy, the important thing is that the strategy is effective to make you run away.

DOWNLOAD: The Escapist 2: Pocket Breakout – Android

3. Minecraft

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Minecraft is certainly not a foreign game for fans gamers. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a game sandbox with various types gameplay which you can play.

Game that has a stylish graphic display retro this is really fun. You can collect resources to make buildings, roads or whatever.

You may also prefer to go on an adventure exploring the world Minecraft very broad. Digging for treasure, fighting monsters that block adventure will be your experience in adventuring.

DOWNLOADS: Minecraft – Android

4.Evoland 2

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Are you a gamers who is never satisfied with one type of game? If so, then Evolution 2 is a game that is perfect for you.

Evolution 2 is basically an RPG game. The uniqueness of Evolution 2 this is not only you will get gameplay Casual RPG, but you will also discover gameplay action like games Zelda, side-scroll like games Mario, puzzles like Candy Crush even fighting gameplay like Street Fighters.

Not only that, you will also find a graphic display that changes according to which world you are visiting. This game really tells about the adventures of a boy between dimensions.

DOWNLOAD: Evoland 2 – Android

5. The Room Series

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Still feeling a lack of game intake puzzles? The Room Series can be a game for you game maniacs puzzles.

When you start playing, you will see a unique miniature. Each side of this miniature has many puzzles. If you can solve each puzzle, then the miniature can be opened and you will find something hidden inside.

The Room has many series until now there has been a fourth series available.

DOWNLOAD: The Room Series – Android

6. Limbo

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

A small boy wakes up and finds himself in a dark and gloomy forest. You have to help him to escape from the forest.

Limbo is an adventure game with the look of “emo“. You don’t have any abilities except having to rack your brain to get past obstacles in the middle of an adventure.

Be careful, because every road has obstacles that can trap you and make you die and have to repeat the game.

DOWNLOAD: Limbo – Android

7. Final Fantasy Series

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Who doesn’t know the series FinalFantasy? This RPG game developed by SquareEnix is ​​one of them franchises the best they’ve got.

Thank goodness that SquareEnix provides Android versions of various series FinalFantasyespecially the various series FinalFantasy classic like Final Fantasy I-VIIand Ffinal Fantasy IX.

DOWNLOAD: Final Fantasy Series – Android

8. GTA: San Andreas

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Legendary game because there are still people who play it. Especially community mods this game is still developing.

GTA: San Andreas is a paid Android game that you must have. This game tells about Carl Johnson who just returned from wandering.

When he came home sadness struck because Carl Johnson’s family had been destroyed. His mother died because he was killed by gangsters who had long been his enemies.

DOWNLOAD: GTA San Andreas – Android

9. Machinarium

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Machinariuma game indie which tells about the adventures of a robot named Josef, who wants to save his girlfriend named Berta who has been kidnapped by a gang Black Cap Brotherhood.

You have to help Josef in finding a way how to be able to continue to the next path, so that the goal of Josef the robot can be achieved.

Games indie it has many awards from IGF, Gamasutra and VGChartz.com as a game indie best. Machinarium also received perfect scores from USA Today and SlidetoPlay media.

DOWNLOAD: Machinarium – Android

10. Teslagrad

10 Best Paid Android Games You Must Play

Adventure-type indie games can’t seem to escape being the best game for Android. Teslagrad is an indie type game adventures developed by Rain.

Teslagrad tells about the adventures of a boy who in the middle of his adventure finds objects with magnetic powers, with these objects the boy can face and overcome various obstacles.

DOWNLOAD: Teslagrad – Android

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