Can RTX Technology Be Used on Other Graphic Cards?

RTX technology also known as Ray Tracing is one technology gaming new for today. Ray Tracing itself is a technology where computers can make light simulations look more realistic.

RTX technology is recognized as usable if using graphics card from Nvidia, namely GeForce RTX series. Interestingly, it turns out that this RTX technology can also be used in graphics card other.

Is that right? Here’s more detailed information showing that RTX technology or Ray Tracing it can be used in graphics card other.

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Ray Tracing by Crytek

rx technology

Haven’t heard from you in a long time, developers from games Crysis this turned out to be secretly making experiments using engine made by them, Cry Engine.

During this time, Crytek chose to focus on independent projects. Crytek itself has released several famous game titles in its time, such as the series Crysis, Crisis 2 and 3, as well Ryse: Son of Rome.

Technology Ray Tracing on Cry Engine exhibited through a video uploaded to Youtube with the title “Neon Noir”. The video shows a drones that fly around city buildings, as well as more realistic lighting technology.

You can see the more realistic lighting in the light that bounces off dronesground level, the lights seemed to follow from the vantage point drones.

The thing that makes it interesting, Crytek admits that the animation can be used well graphics card from Nvidia and AMD. Even Crytek admits that the animation was created using graphics card from AMD, namely Vega 56.

Nvidia to Bring Ray Tracing Technology to GTX

rx technology

Is that right? It turns out that this is true, reported by TechRadar, Nvidia will release it drivers new for graphics card the GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 series which will be later drivers it supports technology Ray Tracing.

It’s just that before hoping further, it turns out that RTX technology or Ray Tracing it’s not that sophisticated ray tracing on graphics card RTX series.

This is due to the architecture of graphics card The GTX doesn’t have such technology graphics card RTX series. Technology ray tracing itself is produced from technology owned by DirectX, namely DirectX Raytracing (DXR).

The difference Ray Tracing will have graphics card non-RTX and RTX

Turns RTX technology or ray tracing This can be implemented using other methods. Apart from technical problems, it could be technology in the future ray tracing it will work with graphics card other than the RTX series.

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