5 Annoying Things When Playing Apex Legends

When talking about the ins and outs of the game, maybe there are still many players who are still trying to understand and learn the game Apex Legends.

But not a few players have mastered and are proficient in this game made by Respawn Entertainment. Gamers like this are what we certainly want to have on the team, because they can usually lead us to victory.

But then again, the game is designed for teams, so that consistency can be hard to find if you’re playing solo. Maybe in one match you meet a team that can communicate well, but there is no guarantee that in the next match you will be united with different players.

Nothing’s perfect, of course… but here are some things that make games as great as they are Apex Legends even still can be said to be far from perfect!

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1. Passive Jumpmaster

5 Annoying Things When Playing Apex Legends
Source: attack of the fanboy

Each player has a different level of “familiarity” to get the hang of gameplay from Apex Legends. While veteran players have good knowledge of good landing spots, new players will still want to try their hand at it.

In Apex Legendsthe system will determine automatically one of the three players to be Jumpmaster or players who have full control during the plunge and landing.

Although Jumpmaster randomly selected by the system, but just before launching we are given the opportunity to transfer the role to another player.

5 Annoying Things When Playing Apex Legends
source: press-start

When someone decides to keep the role Jumpmaster this, then we will assume the player knows the strategy and the best spot to land.

But it’s different if the player doesn’t use the ping system to tell him where to land. This not only makes other players frustrated because they have to guess where to land, but there is also a possibility that we will be separated from our teammates.

Jumpmaster becomes a very important role to determine victory or instant death when landing. And this becomes an annoying thing if Jumpmaster uncooperative and communicative.

2. Voices from the Void

5 Annoying Things When Playing Apex Legends
source: gamecrates

Of all the capabilities possessed Legendsit was Wraith’s that proved to be one of the fan favorites Apex Legends. His ability to move groups from one place to another is really cool.

But the ability that really stands out from the Wraith is skills passive Voices from the Voidwhich allows to provide information about the surroundings.

This ability can alert the Wraith when an enemy is nearby or more importantly when being targeted by an enemy. This is very useful for warning the team about threats before we even see them.

The problem is skills it’s not working like it should. In theory, skills it’s the perfect way to keep the team alive. But more often than not, players will hear sound information from skills when it is knock out.

Whether this is caused by lag or a bug is still unclear. One thing that is clear is that this is very inconvenient for you and your team (except for those who run into enemies).

3. The Crate Color Trap

5 Annoying Things When Playing Apex Legends
source: scientificgamer

Most games battle royale have some kind of system rewards if killing another player, including loot from the dead corpse.

In Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment has found a way to the system looting it’s much easier. The coffins of the corpses are colored to indicate grade from equipment belonging to the corpse.

If you see a purple chest next to a white chest, of course you don’t need to think long and hard. You will prioritize opening the purple one, because there are items. epic inside it.

This all sounds perfect, until this feature really irritates you. Too often players find purple or gold chests but they are zonk!

For a game that’s fast-paced and has little free time, situations like this can be annoying and frustrating.

4. Selfish Gaming

5 Annoying Things When Playing Apex Legends
source: gamerant

Selfish gaming or selfish players to be a bit of a problem at Apex Legends. No matter how wise and calm you are to try to cooperate with other players, there will always be some people who still have the mentality of “what an idiot, the important thing is I’m safe and lots of loot!”

Many times we’ve battled it out and managed to beat 1 squad alone without the help of the team, then they come to take all the loot, while we are busy filling up the depleted shield or HP after the shootout.

5. Lust

5 Annoying Things When Playing Apex Legends
source: polygon

There are many different strategies in the game battle royale. Some players prefer to apply strategy stealthwhile there are players who prefer to be rushers.

One thing to remember about Apex Legendswe will be placed in a group with two foreign players that we don’t know.

Putting aside the fighting style, the most important thing is that we must know when to attack and when to retreat.

apex legends
source : apexlegendsarena.com

That’s why it can be so frustrating when we’re paired with someone who doesn’t seem to understand the concept stealth.

Players who are too aggressive without taking into account the conditions can also be very dangerous for the whole team. These players, if they see an enemy, will automatically try to find and kill him without carefully considering the surrounding environment or conditions equipment owned by the team.

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