Nintendo Will Reportedly Release Two New Switch Models

Reported from Wall StreetJournalNintendo is reportedly preparing two new versions of the Switch this summer. Consoles this is rumored to be able to reach more different players than ever console previously.

Reportedly, one of these Switch types will have a better processor and graphics than console earlier, but no more powerful than PS4 Pro and Xbox One X/S. Meanwhile, the other Switch version is a more affordable version and is intended for casual gamers.

Rumors about a new Nintendo Switch model have been around since last year, but this is the first time I’ve heard any specifics. Many gamers hope that the latest Nintendo Switch will offer better screen quality, bigger screen, better battery life, and be able to play with 4K resolution.

According to WJS, both versions will be announced at E3 and will be available around December 2023 following the release of Nintendo’s latest game, Pokémon Swords & Shield and Animal Crossing.

Duh, you have to get ready to save this..

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