Team17 Announce New DLC for Overcooked 2, Campfire Cook Off

You feel Overcooked 2 still lacking content? Don’t worry because Team17 just announced a new DLC for Overcooked 2 titled Campfire Cook Off on April 18. In addition to the DLC, Team 17 also announced plans for two more expansions in 2023.

This Campfire Cook Off DLC will provide some new content, namely:

  • Folder new
  • New level of 12 levels
  • Four new chefs for you to play with
  • Two new recipes
  • New mechanic

To be able to access this DLC, you must have a Season Pass which will be released on the same date, April 18 2023. You can buy this Season Pass for US$ 18.99 or around IDR 270,000.

Of course, this price is not just for one DLC. With the same Season Pass you can also enjoy two other DLCs that will be released in 2023. Unfortunately there are no further details regarding the Campfire Cook Off DLC or the two promised DLCs.

Overcooked 2 you can play it on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

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