Shovel Knight Developer Announces New Platformer Game, Cyber ​​Shadow

This month seems to be a very good month for game fans platformers. After a few days ago WayForward announced Shantae 5Yacht Club Games announced the game platformers themed robot ninja named Cyber ​​Shadows.

Yacht Club Games itself is a developer who creates Shovel Knighta game platformers 2014 which reaped a lot of praise. This means that this game is certainly worth anticipating for those of you who like games platformers quality.

From trailers shown, Cyber ​​Shadows itself is already promising. As a ninja robot, the movement options are like dash and attack looks very fast. Not only that, you also seem to be able to combine movements combat with maneuvers platformers to get past the obstacle.

Graphic Cyber ​​Shadows also still follow the same principle Shovel Knight, which is 8-bit graphics which looks cool. If you are a fan pixel-artyou should like the graphics of this game.

There is no clear information regarding the release date for Cyber ​​Shadows. But from the official website you can get this game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC for US$14.99 or around Rp.213,000.-

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