Preview Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice finally released to the market on March 22, 2023. This game made by From Software immediately became a topic of conversation when it was released because it presents an inhuman level of difficulty. Understandably, games made by From Software are famous for their crazy level of difficulty. Just say it Bloodborne And Dark Souls which is recognized as one of the most difficult games to date.

Not wanting to be left behind by the others, Gimbot finally ventured out to try it Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. How about my experience after trying it and why I call it not for weak people, along with the explanation.

To die is an obligation

Preview Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

One of the most common things when playing Sekiro is death. The main character, Wolf, is indeed armed with a variety of things equipmentbut even so this character is very vulnerable.

As if it were a necessity, in the early minutes of playing, I had to feel death many times. In this game, enemy attacks can be read easily. But even so, once hit damage, you will die. This incident happened over and over again at every step I went through.

At some moments I felt frustrated, especially when fighting with Mini Boss, but I got back up and kept trying. Although difficult, here From Software must be recognized as successful. Yes, they’ve managed to live up to their reputation as a developer who creates games with crazy difficulty antics.

Mechanic Gameplay Fast paced

Preview Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Despite being killed many times, Sekiro have mechanics gameplay which is fun. Death for us is natural here and because they have gameplay what’s fun, we are constantly addicted and always curious to play it.

Sekiro have a mechanic gameplay which is fast paced starting from movement characters, battles, up to instant kill scene. Everything was done quickly and fluid.

Also worth noting are the features check point where can i do fast travel to check point which we have found.

In the previous article, I had said that stealth kill in Sekiro diverse and it has been proven to be true. Many times we do stealth kill from the air which makes the playing experience very extraordinary.

From mechanism gameplay, I do not have the slightest problem. Precisely with solid mechanics like this it’s hard to get bored playing Sekiro although the opponent faced is very difficult. Because gameplay this extraordinary also I was motivated to finish this game.

Have Typical RPG Mechanics

Preview Sekiro Shadow Die Twice - Featured

Sekiro it has been announced that this game is not an RPG. But even so, you will find thick RPG mechanics, for example, like upgrades weapons and accepting missions such as collecting items for example.

For information, before Sekiro this is not a game with the RPG genre.

At the moment I know very little about the mechanics that are in Sekiro. Maybe if we have played it until the middle of the game, we will find more interesting mechanisms in the game Sekiro.

So far we consider the system upgrades and the conversation that’s on Sekiro actually implemented quite well.

Parry Be an Important Element

Preview Sekiro Shadow Die Twice - Parry

Gameplay mechanics that must get further attention after we taste it Sekiro in no time is Parry become one of the important elements in the fight. If usually dodge is the most prominent thing, di Sekiro you could say dodge is the second defense to protect against opponents after Parry.

When facing the samurai and mini boss who use sharp weapons, timings parry I really put it to the test. If can do timings parry perfectly, you guys can launch a counterattack.

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Luckily From Software got in on the act Parry which is so epic that you are guaranteed to be addicted to doing it continuously. But there are also some enemies that are even easier to beat after doing so dodge.

Voices act Perfect

Preview Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

One that must be discussed from my first impression after playing Sekiro is voice act Charming Japan. In order to have a great experience, I intentionally installed voice act Japanese with English subtitles.

With this setting, I have to admit, I really feel like I’m watching a Japanese action movie. Voice acts This Japanese really describes what was going on Sekiro. Besides that voice act Japanese is also worked out in such an extraordinary way when the narrator explains the story at the start of the game Sekiro.

As long as I play Sekiro really presents a top-class voice act that can be enjoyed perfectly.

As long as I tasted this game, I never stopped being amazed. This game has gameplay that flows quickly, solidly, and of course it’s fun.

Although often killed by enemies, the elements gameplay the fun thing I mentioned earlier managed to get me up and addicted to fighting again in this game.

Look forward to it soon full review of Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice at yes!

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