Is the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Worth Buying?

It can be said that, Apex Legends is a game that is growing as it was just released about a month ago. His achievements are also quite encouraging by successfully hooking 50 million players in just one month.

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Season 1 is titled Wild Frontier which allows you to get a new Legend character named Octane and of course, the Battle Pass.

This Battle Pass consists of two types, the regular version which costs 950 Apex Coins and the version bundle which is priced at 2,800 Apex Coins.

You will also get a new status level, namely the Battle Pass Level which allows you to get 100 unique items starting from Banner Cards, Intros, Experience Points (XP), Apex Packs, Weapons. skinsWild Frontier Legend skins And stats tracker.

Even for those of you who didn’t buy the Battle Pass, Apex Legends give free rewards in the form of 1 Wild Frontier Legend skins5 Apex Packs, and 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers.

Then, is the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass worth buying?

The answer depends on how often you play Apex Legends. But if I had to choose, I would say yes.

Why is that so? Apex Legends has a lot of problems and why is it recommended to buy the Battle Pass?

Apex Legends does have a lot of problems starting from the many cheaters, skins become useless because first personexpensive Battle Pass prices, and Apex Packs that don’t give good items.

Come on, me breakdown one by one so that you understand that Apex Legends has enormous potential in the future as a very favorite game.

Cheaters only exist on PC

For those of you who don’t know, cheaters in Apex Legends only on the PC platform. Meanwhile, PS4 and Xbox One are still safe. It is almost certain that there will be none cheaters in console.

The ability of the PC that gives flexibility to the user to put several additional programs backfires itself for the players on the PC.

Apex Packs are provided for gambling

Apex Packs themselves are items gambling which is often referred to as bad luck protection in a sense, you will only get Legendary items after opening more than 10 Apex Packs. The rest are normal items.

Consciously or not, Apex Packs are indeed provided as a means gambling which will make players to always play Apex Legends and have as many Apex Packs in stock as possible.

The reason is the must have item skins Legendary which will make your character look even more frightening.

Skin is a place to prove oneself as a Champion

Game camera viewpoint Apex Legends presented in view first person and this is one of the disadvantages of using skins in the game for being not very useful.

There is some truth but not entirely wrong. Game style Apex Legends itself requires players to always play with fast paced action which is very common in games first person. So view first person be the key to the game.

What needs attention is skins, bannersAnd stats tracker is always displayed when selecting a character and when you become a Champion in a form banners before starting the game and throughout the Kings Canyon map area.

Before starting the game, the Champion squad will always be introduced with the subtitle “This is your Champion” or “Introducing your Champion”. This is why title Champions are very important. pride And prestige.

This means that every time you start a game in Kings Canyon, everyone will know which Champion will fight alongside them in the arena and there is a certain pride when they kill a Champion.

This Battle Pass is enough to buy once for the next season

It may sound a bit strange, the price of the Battle Pass is quite expensive at IDR 144,000 but it provides not-so-good content and it is recommended to buy it.

Especially when compared to the next game like Fortnite Battle Royales.

The Octane character itself can be purchased by issuing 12,000 Legends Tokens and can be obtained for free if your Battle Pass Level has reached level 48.

Interestingly, this Battle Pass will give you 1000 Apex Coins for free if you reach the highest level which can later be used again to buy a Battle Pass. seasons next.

That is, you only need to buy the Battle Pass once, play Apex diligently, and the next season can be purchased without having to spend any money at all.

Those are some reasons why you should buy the Battle Pass Apex Legends Season 1. Btw, what level is the Battle Pass?

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