Some Interesting Facts That Connect Apex Legends to Titanfall

As we know that games battle royale the latest popular, Apex Legends has become part of the gaming world Titanfall.

For those of you who have previously played the game series Titanfallof course it will be felt familiar with the atmosphere or environment that is in Apex Legends.

Here are some things that make Apex Legends connected with games Titanfall!

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1. Bangalore Is A Member Of IMC Titanfall

source: polygon

Anita “Bangalore” Williams is one of the rockiest characters in Apex Legends. He is a soldier under IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation). Bangalore joined IMC along with his four older brothers.

For those who don’t know, the IMC is a faction during Frontier Wars in Titanfall which ended up being the most evil organization ever Titanfall 2before finally the protagonist, Jack Cooper broke every of their evil plans.

In Apex Legends, Frontier Wars It may have been a long time ago and even though Bangalore is a former IMC member, that doesn’t make him a criminal. It is possible that he enters Apex Games to rendezvous with or return to the IMC after being separated from its troops in a previous event.

2. Wingman

source: artstation

In-game weapons Apex Legends is one of the things that most shows his attachment to Titanfall. Yes! Indeed, a number of weapons featured in this game come from Titanfall.

One of the most important weapons brought from Titanfall is the B3 Wingman. This type of sidearm is actually a weapon that the pilot usually carries when he’s not driving the Titans and that weapon doesn’t shine too much because we will focus more on the big guns that the Titans have.

Different from Apex Legends, this weapon is enough to be one of the fan’s favorites. Especially when used by professional players like Shroud, this weapon can be very deadly!

3. Bloodhounds

source: kotaku

Bloodhound is a very unique character in Apex Legends and has been equipped with several abilities that are very useful in games such as tracking enemies.

The design of the Bloodhound character is also very cool, but did you know that Bloodhound is actually based on “leftover” concept art from Titanfall 2?

You can see the design of Bloodhound in the art book Titanfall 2. It’s unclear why this character never appeared in the original series.

4. Conflict After Frontier War

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Apex Legends doesn’t show much lore in the game, instead the game developer chose to take a stylistic approach”Overwatchand provide background characters outside of the game. For Apex Legends You can see through their official site.

In Apex Legends game settings are in conflict after Frontier Wars. Many remember this as an ongoing conflict Titanfall And Titanfall 2.

But the war is on Apex Legends took place between the IMC and the militia who were in a situation after resources were completely depleted as a result faction the warring. Without sufficient resources, these residents had to settle down Outlands and it is this population migration that creates the environment Apex Legends.

5. Kuben Blisk

source: youtube

For gamers who have played Titanfall certainly no stranger to the assassin hired by IMC, Kuben Blisk. Appearing in the first game and its sequels, the relationship between Blisk and Apex Legends made very clear through cinematics.

It turned out that this man who was infamous for his ruthlessness on the battlefield was the same one who was operating Apex Games.

It is the only character on Apex Legends Which crossovers straight from the game series Titanfall.

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