5 Best Medieval Games You Should Still Play in 2023

Medieval is a theme games which is based on medieval times. For some people gamersthis genre is no doubt interesting because it fosters the warrior spirit of the players, but it also has a wide variety of themes, ranging from fantasy, gothicetc.

There are many developers who develop games themed medieval, but not all of them deserve to be included in the best category. Here’s a recommendation games medieval the best version of Gimbot that you deserve to play so far in 2023!

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For Honor

best medieval game
source: Ubisoft

For Honor is multiplayer games published by Ubisoft. medieval games it offers single-player campaign which incorporates various elements of popular culture such as medieval, Norse Vikings, to Japanese feudal knights.

Sadly, mode campaigns which is offered For Honor does not have a strong story and is only intended to introduce the mechanics of the game.

Reason why For Honor is games medieval best is because the battle system is so well-crafted as well as unique. And more importantly, the unique fighting action For Honor make it no less exciting with games others on this list.

best medieval game
source: Gameinformer

At the start of its appearance, For Honor actually has shortcomings that are often complained about by the players, such as mechanics matchmaking which is not good and internet connection problems which at that time did not rely on dedicated servers .

However, slowly but surely, the problems that arose earlier have been fixed by the developers through patches and presence servers special. Best of all, Ubisoft seems to be continuing to add content games this is over updates which is continuously provided.

Mounts & Blades: Warband

best medieval game
source : Microsoft

Mounts & Blades: Warband deserves a separate space in this article. Games it is open world RPG with concept medieval very nicely designed by the developer.

Games made by TaleWorlds Entertainment was released in 2010 and has now received more than 52 thousand positive reviews with the status “Overwhelminglyon Steam.

Speaking of graphics, Mounts & Blades: Warband it looks a bit out of date, but you can quickly forget about that with a number of cool features and mechanics built into it games. If you like elements of realism, Mounts & Blades: Warband is games which you can’t miss.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

best medieval game
source : wccftech.com

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is first-person themed RPGs medieval developed and published by Warhorse Studio. Games it was released in early 2023 and succeeded in stealing the attention of the community with its very, very realistic mechanics.

Here you will play Henry, the blacksmith’s son whose family was killed in a brutal war. According to the genre, Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers a wide worldopen world) is vast and beautiful along with a non-linear storyline.

One that makes Kingdom Come: Deliverance So games medieval What’s best here is the accuracy of its medieval atmosphere that looks authentic. Here you will feel how hard it is to live as an ordinary citizen who is determined to become a knight, in order to avenge the death of his friends and family.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

best medieval game
source: CD Project RED

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt released in 2015 by CD PROJEKT RED and not only considered as games medieval best, but also one games too good to miss!

The Witcher 3 is open world An RPG that is not only located in a beautiful world, but also very fun to explore, complete with its own horrors to go through.

In games In this case, you take on the role of a Witcher named Geralt of Rivia. Witcher itself is a term for a professional monster slayer who not only uses a sword, but also uses magic, alchemyand cunning to beat his opponents.

best medieval game
source: CD Project RED

In this third series, Geralt is tasked with finding his son and he has to face various obstacles to get it done. Interestingly, every step or decision you make will affect the entire storyline in games.

Please keep in mind that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is games for adults, where there is a lot of content that is not suitable for young children to view. So, make sure your playroom is safe from their eyes!


best medieval game
source: Polygon

Skyrim is games fifth of the series Elder Scrolls. When released at the time, games this success makes a lot gamers amazed by the graphics and grip structure open-world amazing inside.

In games this you are destined as a person Dragonborn to learn the ancient dragon language and use it to save the threatened lands of Skyrim.

Skyrim itself is quite complex because the world is so detailed and very broad. So make sure before playing games You have a lot of free time right now!

Since its release, Games has got two expansions, thousands modseven version remasteredand adaptation VR what makes games you can’t miss this!

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