Tips for those who are determined to play Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice is games which was quite phenomenal in March 2023. A lot gamers who complains games made by From Software is too difficult, even more difficult in comparison Bloodborne And Dark Souls.

But calm down, for those of you who have already bought it, don’t regret it first. Gimbot provides tips on how to play Sekiro especially for those of you who are still “desperate” to play it.

disclaimer: These tips don’t necessarily make you a pro! but at least you can adapt to the mechanics and world of Sekiro.

Comb All Areas One By One

When you first set foot on earth Sekiroyou have been given the freedom to choose to explore, bypass existing enemies, and you can even go straight to the boss’s location!!

But herein lies the challenge, the normal enemies you face on Sekiro alone, it’s hard to beat, so in the end you are tempted to go past them and choose to face the boss directly.

However, it’s a good idea for you to keep combing every inner corner stage what you’ve been through. Explore in Sekiro will get you money, items, and experience needed to prepare to face the boss.

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When combing, as much as possible you kill all the enemies that exist until the area is completely clean. This way you can adapt to the tempo of the game Sekiro, so it can *Git Gud at a later time.

*GitGud: the term you are good at playing serial Dark Souls games

Do not be greedy!

Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades
Make Stealth Kills As Mainstay
games like Sekiro

Brutal aggressive play on Sekiro it can be a common style. But for gamers who are not familiar with games difficult (sort of Dark Souls And Bloodborne) and just tried the tempo of the game Sekiroit’s good for you to play Stealth Kills.

Playing stealth will keep you from the risk of death. In addition to several mini bosses, play stealth can give you a little bit of the upper hand. On the other hand, take care of the common enemies in a way stealth also classified as energy efficient and makes your fingers not sore, of course.

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Usually mini bosses have two health bar. With stealthat least you can finish one health bar it has. But keep in mind that you can’t do this to the “Big-Boss” type of enemy.

When Playing Defense, Pay Attention Defend Bar!

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