5 Things You Must Know About Days Gone

In the midst of skepticism, Bend Studio actually still has high hopes regarding this game.

Days Gone is one of games PS4 exclusive that must be included in your collection radar in April 2023. Games This one has presented a number of videos trailers And gameplay which must be admitted is quite epic because it is slightly different from zombie games most.

For me personally, Days Gone is one games which must be looked at. Before you actually buy it, Gimbot will ask you to find out five things about it Days Gone.

Immediately, we discuss one by one.

World Open-World different

Days Gone

as a open-world game themed zombie apocalypsethe first interesting thing you need to know from Days Gone is a different presentation of the world. In games Here you will explore a rural mountain environment that is wide and free for you to explore, of course. Environmental theme games this looks similar Far Cry 5, but with elements zombies inside it.

To explore the vast Oregon region in Days Goneyou will be accompanied by a motorbike, complete with various events dynamic that will further enrich your playing experience. Interesting right?

Not only that, the motorbike you are riding on can also be damaged!

You Become a Motorbike Boy Named Deacon

For those who have seen the snippets trailers Days Gone, I’m sure you guys know the figure of the hero who looks like a delinquent? Yes, the male character is named Deacon St. John who is a Bounty Hunter.

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At first glance, Deacon’s appearance is similar to that of Daryl Dixon from the popular TV series The Walking Dead, who both have to survive in the world zombies apocalypse dangerous. Later Deacon will travel around Oregon to survive the tragedy that befell him.

Your Motorcycle Is Your Best Friend

Days Gone

One interesting aspect Days Gone is a motor maintenance mechanism owned by Deacon. Several months ago, the developer Bend Studio announced that the Deacon motorbike would be your rideupgrades.

Upgrades What has been done so far is unknown, but it seems that there will be many choices that you can make there.

As mentioned in the previous chapter, your motorbike here can be damaged, run out of gas, and even be destroyed by robbers.

Because zombies that exist in the world Days Gone very massive (and also aggressive), it’s a good idea to pay attention to the performance of the motorbike used because later you will really need it.

More than 30 Hours Gameplay

a must play game

In the official announcement, Days Gone own playtime playing long enough to reach 30 hours. But for those who feel playtime it’s not that long for its size games Open World, I don’t think you need to hesitate.

Days Gone certainly will present many interesting side missions to play, especially when you are fighting against hordes of zombies.

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So the 30 hours that have been announced cannot be used as a benchmark because each player will spend a different amount of time, of course.

Huge amount Zombies to Face

Different from games zombies others like series Resident Evil And dying light, element survival in Days Gone it will be exciting because the zombies you face here are quite massive in number.

Don’t just face one or two zombies Of course, here Deacon will also face a horde zombies known as The Horde. The Horde itself, if counted, can reach tens or even hundreds of zombies. This is a factor that is definitely very tense, let alone movement zombies it’s fast too.

Those are the five basic things you should know before playing Days Gone. Hopefully these five things can be enlightening for those of you who are confused about what games it is interesting to buy or not.

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