Sekiro vs Bloodborne: Which is Better?

As we already know, developer From Software recently released one games they, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

From Software is known as a successful developer through several titles games popular like Dark Souls And Bloodbornebecause it offers gameplay unique which is not games easy.

This time, Gimbot is doing a comparison games Sekiro with Bloodborne which we think is one games the best made by From Software at the moment (sorry Dark Souls).

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Sekiro vs Bloodborne
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Good Bloodborne nor Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice both carry a fighting style that is faster in comparison Dark Soulsalthough from a technical point of view, Sekiro actually get a more profound improvement.

Both of them do focus on an intense fast-paced fighting style, but Sekiro gives us a much more defensive option than Bloodborne.

In Sekiro although it has provided a mechanism to avoid, but the technique deflect or parry and attack at the right time, more used and indeed more likely to have benefits better.

Meanwhile, Bloodborne have battle mechanics that tend to be more focused on attacks (eg Dark Souls), although equipped with the system gun parry-its unusual.

Sekiro vs Bloodborne
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One of the interesting mechanisms in Bloodborne is Rallywhere each we get damage from enemy attacks, our HP bar will decrease by appearance grey the bar next to it.

To restore this “temporarily lost” HP, we must attack the enemy as quickly as possible. Basically, we can minimize the amount damage received by playing aggressively, but keep in mind that by playing aggressively we also have the opportunity to be exposed to risks damage more.

Gun parry and Rally are a brilliant combination that makes every battle on Bloodborne be tense and exciting.

Battle mechanics in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice it’s cool, but we get a more exciting experience more through the system Rally which is offered Bloodborneso we argue Bloodborne better in terms of combat.

Aspect Leveling and Customization

Sekiro vs Bloodborne
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Sekiro feels more like a games action (a la ninja Tenchu), whereas Bloodborne it has RPG elements in it. Both are games the mechanism feelare very different, but both have complex customization features that allow us to customize our playing style to our taste.

Okay, first of all, if we’re talking about customization, Sekiro slightly deviated from games Souls. Here we play a character that fixed cannot be changed in appearance and is only equipped with the main weapon in the form of a katana sword.

We will get XP every time we kill an enemy which will help us get Skill Points. Rewards it is used to open skills of various types, ranging from new combos, increased item capacity, styles counters new attack, and others.

Sekiro vs Bloodborne
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There are many skills which you can learn at Sekiro, and when defeating the boss, we will also get a Prayer Bead which functions to increase HP and attack power.

On the other hand, the XP mechanism is deep Bloodborne very similar to Dark Soulswhich implements the system currency named Blood Echoes. We can use these Echoes to increase our main stats (such as Vitality, Strength, and other RPG elements) as well as buy some weapons or equipment. items.

Nothing is actually wrong in the system leveling and customization in Sekirobut for comparison, the system at Bloodborne feels able to be more adaptive to the individual playing style of players. here for trouble leveling and customization, Bloodborne better than Sekiro.

Sekiro vs Bloodborne: The BossBattle!

Sekiro vs Bloodborne
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One of the characteristics of games developed by developer From Software is boss battles which often frustrates the players because of the high level of difficulty!

Second games it offers perfect boss fights, complete with “adrenaline boosters” and also ties into the entire story, as well as the lore of games the.

In Sekiro we will get the feeling of epic duels one on one with samurai and shinobi who are very good at fighting. Many battles on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice feels like a scene straight out of a samurai movie.

Sekiro vs Bloodborne
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Another aspect that makes it even more interesting is the many bosses in Sekiro tied directly into the game’s story, rather than the world Bloodborne full of secrets and mysteries.

For boss battles, I’m personally of the opinion Sekiro better than Bloodborne. But for the question of which one is better, this is again a matter of taste; which type of enemy do you like? Cthulhu-style monstrous cosmic monsters in Bloodborne, or Japanese-style mythological monsters Sekiro.

Story Aspect

Sekiro vs Bloodborne
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From Software’s expertise in “storytelling”, creates the impression of a world that holds various kinds of interesting stories that must be uncovered by the players themselves. But deep games SekiroFrom Software seems to be trying to take a much more direct approach than serials Souls And Bloodborne

Having the main character voiced creates the main plot Sekiro feels more cohesive. As we said in a previous review, the bosses at Sekiro get his role in the main story, complete with amazing effects so make every encounter feel more emotional.

Sekiro vs Bloodborne
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As a comparison, Blooborne perhaps the most mysterious of all games developed by From Software, makes the players constantly question what really happened behind the city of Yharnam.

Despite the gothic theme Bloodborne interesting, but to know more, we have to dive deeper into the narrative, not to mention the story fragments in Chalice Dungeon, description itemsand others.

Consequently, for this matter we argue that Sekiro better for storytelling problems.

Sekiro vs Bloodborne: So which one is better?

Wellin various aspects both have their own advantages that are able to provide experience gaming unique to the player. If you are a fan of the series Dark Soulsobviously you will like both.

What about your opinion about Sekiro vs Bloodborne? Do you prefer to play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice only or Bloodborne ? Write in the comments column yes!

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