Here’s a Row of 6 Cool Games That Should Be Scorned When Released

It has become a natural phenomenon if there are several titles games cool that delivers hype amazing to his fans since his existence was officially announced.

Hype this kind is usually built up through apparitions trailers or through gameplay exhibited by the developer to boost the interest of the circles gamers. But in fact, there are a number games which once built with hype high but it was disappointing when it fell into our hands.

So, through the following list, Gimbot has selected 5 titles video games coolest hype which got an ugly response when it was released. Here’s the list.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Scorned Game

2014 was a year that became a stepping stone for franchises Assassin’s Creed. Because, in that year, open-world game franchise This one is entering the era of technology adoption next-gen which is really new in the year with sovereign Assassin’s Creed Unity as their exclusive spearhead for game consoles eighth generation.

Ubisoft himself successfully played hype Assassin’s Creed Unity through various videos trailers until finally the awaited time arrived. Unexpected, games this actually looks disappointing.

Even though it has flashy graphics, Unity instead it has technical problems everywhere, one of which is a problem framerate. Issue framerate getting worse when VGA Radeon users experience drop frames which is quite severe compared to Nvidia VGA Card users.

A similar problem also occurs in console like Xbox One and PS4 which have to be satisfied with the inconsistency of achievements frame rate up to 30 and below. Although it has been repaired, however gamers Don’t forget the appearance of a face without a skull, the picture of which you can easily find on the internet.

Watch Dogs

Scorned Game

Not only Assassin’s Creed Unity, the same year was also a tough time for Ubisoft. After Assassin’s Creed get a negative reaction games their new IPs, Watch Dogs must also get the same welcome, even from a sales perspective, Watch Dogs not bad.

After gamers feel hype which was amazing to witness the debut game trailers this is in 2012, they actually swallowed the bitter pill when Watch Dogs present with a display that does not match what is shown Ubisoft.

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Issue downgraded graphics and missions are less innovative Watch Dogs be one games which was reviled when it was released.

As a result of the disappointment felt above Watch Dogs first, Ubisoft had to build their reputation again from scratch in order gamers interested in the innovations they offer to Watch Dogs 2. The result? well, It can be said that sales pre order Watch Dogs 2 not as high as the first series.

Batman Arkham Knight

Scorned Game

Majority gamers definitely agree if Batman Arkham Asylum And Arkham City referred to as game masterpieces from Rocksteady. Similar expectations of course come when the end of the series journey Arkham will be closed by presence Batman Arkham Knight.

Instead of making a good impression, appearance games This actually gets a negative reaction, especially from circles gamers PC that is not satisfied with port of Batman Arkham Knight. Games it even got pulled temporarily from Steam because of the problems it had too many, so that Rocksteady’s perfect reputation, was forced to be tarnished due to problems ports This.

Just imagine, Arkham Knights get such a problem framerate inconsistent and frequent stuttering severe at some moments. Although version game consoles this swings smoothly in the ratings of the reviewer, Arkham Knight forced to be satisfied with the value of User Score 3.0 on Metacritic.

Fallout 76

Scorned Game

Bethesda Studios is a developer that is famous for its creativity. Games like serial the Elder Scrolls And Fallout is franchises a mainstay that shows proof of their creativity in the workmanship open-world game.

Even so, Bethesda Studios stumbled when they were working on it fallout 76, games the first debut of the series Fallout trending games as a service. when released, Fallout 76 apparently serves gameplay and hundreds bugs which is not as expected gamers.

Fallout 76 itself also became a problem when the quality of one of the items in the collector’s edition that Bethesda gave did not match the description when it was announced. There are various other problems in games this finally made Fallout 76 so one games which was a disappointment in 2023.

Need for Speed: Payback

Scorned Game

Need for Speed: Payback actually is games the good one. But potential games it must be harmed by the existence of a mechanism microtransactions which seems forced by EA.

With mechanism gameplay that looks like a game mobile game, Need for Speed: Payback demands you to do grinding as much as possible when playing the campaign mode.

If not able to do grinding Introduced car card system Need for Speed: PaybackEA provides a choice microtransactions to speed up the progress of the game.

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As a result of the shortcomings of the new mechanism introduced by EA, many people think Need for Speed; Payback no better than Underground and Most Wanted which incidentally is games old school


Anthem is games which was directed by Bioware, the underdeveloped EA responsible for the success of the trilogy Mass Effects And Dragon Age in the past. Just like works games Bioware before, Anthem able to make gamers amazed when it was first announced, thanks to the video presentation trailersits a good one.

But unfortunately, when it was released, the quality of the game Anthem was finally questioned. Several significant technical problems, such as the duration and amount of excessive loading, shallow content, and the forced presentation of the story, made a splash Anthem what used to be good turned bad.

Those were some choices games cool that received a negative response after its release. As far as my personal playing experience goes, some games above has undergone significant improvements, so that its fate is now a little better than when it was launched.

In addition to some of the above titles, approx games especially cool, the response to its appearance missed the mark hype their initial appearance? Sound the title games Your choice in the comments column!

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