5 Easter Eggs in Apex Legends You Should Know

Easter eggs is an intentional reference made to a hidden message, or a feature in a digital work such as a computer program, video game, film, book, or crossword puzzle.

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One of easter eggs what is famous is the secret message inside Adventure games owned by Atari created by Warren Robinett.

not miss, Apex Legends which is one of the games battle royale This favorite also has several easter eggs as a hidden message.

Curious, easter eggs whatever is in the game Apex Legends? Check out the following reviews.

Nessie (The Dino Doll)

The appearance of Nessie as one of the dinosaurs that lived in the sea and had a long neck is no longer a deep secret games concoct Respawn.

In the Titanfall universe, you can also find a lot of Nessie who is silent in certain places.

So, in Apex Legends, you can find this Nessie doll either in Training mode or in Kings Canyon.

Shadie Dog

Lead Level Designer Jason McCord also casually hid his old friend’s doll in the form of a black dog that you can find in the southwest corner in Training mode.

Giant Nessie

Apart from Nessie which can be found in Training mode, there are 10 other Nessie dolls which can also be found in Kings Canyon. Scattered throughout the game area.

Interestingly, if you shoot all of these Nessie dolls and head to the last path which is in the Swamps location, you will see the appearance of a giant Nessie from the sea.

Pathfinder = Marvin from Titanfall

Many people say that Pathfinder is one of the robot characters adapted from the Bastion character in games Overwatch. This is not the case.

The true Pathfinder is MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity) which is modified and specializes in scouting and site survey.

If you’ve never played Titanfall 2MRVN itself is a development of Marvin’s Finest Hourone of the Militia factions contained in updates A Glitch in the Frontier.

This faction is led by Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity Automated Assistant in charge of leading the pilots to be able to communicate with each other. Even the logo from Marvin’s Finest Hour also similar to the logo that is often shown on Pathfinder screens.

Lastimosa Armory

Almost all weapons in Apex Legends has a stamp with the Lastimosa Armory brand. Well, for those of you who don’t know, Lastimosa Armory is a weapons manufacturer in Titanfall in charge of manufacturing weapons for the Frontier faction.

A little extra, Lastimosa is also the name of Tai Lastimosa, the captain who bequeathed his Titan robot to you and he is one of the important characters in the game Titanfall 2.

That was a few easter eggs which you can find in Apex Legends. did you find easter eggs other? Write in the comments column yes!

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