5 Things We Expected to Appear in Borderlands 3

More than a week ago, on March 28 2023, Gearbox Software officially announced the latest sequel to the series games their flagship, Borderlands 3.

The announcement ended the long wait of loyal fans Borderlands (including me) who have to wait up to seven years, to get the latest sequel from games looter shooter this best (notes: here Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel not calculated!)

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As fans serial BorderlandsI personally have some hopes that later if granted, will be the best improvisation so that Borderlands 3 really live up to the expectations of his fans. What are these things? Here he is!

1. Map Open-world Continuous

imagine exploring this world, without loading here and there (source: IMGUR)

If you’ve ever played a draw Borderlands before, of course you remember how the technical limitations at that time made the adventure on planet Pandora feel stiff and less realistic.

Just a reminder, the presentation of the inner world Borderlands divided into map arrangements that require players to move from one “arena” to another. Screen pops up loading when we move around this map makes Pandora’s exploration feel less cohesive

(source: IMGUR)

As a sequel, of course Borderlands 3 reinforced with engine graphics and system management capacity gameplay which is definitely better than before. For this, I think the presentation mechanism open-world which is completely free loading could be a luring factor that will make fans feel more at home exploring the game world Borderlands 3.

Try to imagine how exciting it would be to visit iconic locations such as the Thousand Cuts area, the city of Sanctuary, The Divide, and keep moving to the next location without any map transition screens. It would be awesome!

2. Fate of Characters Borderlands 2!

dear Krieg, hope Borderlands 3 doesn’t forget you..

In videos trailers announcement Borderlands 3we can already be shown a number of NPC characters that are quite familiar from games before, starting from Tiny Tina who has now grown up, Mordecai, Brick, Lilith (these three people are the protagonists Borderlands first), Sir Hammerlock and his brother, then there’s Rhys who plays a key role in games Tales from the Borderlands by Telltale.

However, the appearance of many of these characters is still considered to be lacking because we haven’t seen several other iconic characters such as Marcus and Dr. Zed, two important figures who often adorn vendor machines at Borderlands. Not only that, we also haven’t witnessed some of the protagonists Borderlands 2 others besides Zer0 and Maya (who happened to be involved in several scenes trailers).

The fate of the player character Borderlands 2 others like Axton, Salvador, Gaige, and Krieg will obviously be interesting things to follow in the sequel.

I myself can not wait to see how the fate of the crazy psychopath Krieg eight years after the incident Borderlands 2. Will he be converted? Or even become the opponent we will face in Borderlands 3? well, let time prove it.

3. Weapon Manufacturer Backstory!

Mr.Torgue said: stay away from drugs (source: mobyGames)

Still remember a number of weapons manufacturing company names from the world Borderlands like Maliwan, Atlas, Dahl, Jakobs, Torgue, and so on? If so, now what do you want from them other than hundreds of variations of weapons with various effects and shapes? If I have to answer that question, then extracting stories or information from each manufacturer is the answer.

World Borderlands has layers of unique, funny, and interesting stories to follow, including from trivial things like the person behind the corporation that manufactures these weapons.

source: pcgamesn.com

From serial games Previously, we have introduced Mr. Torgue, the CEO of the Torgue weapon manufacturer which has very characteristics badass! In accordance with the characteristics of explosive weapons.

In Borderlands 3, I wish there were more characters like Mr. Torgue who also colored the background story of the game. hell, make them as representative figures”faction allegiance” certain types of weapons also seem perfectly legal to me.

Just imagine! As a Maliwan elemental weapon enthusiast, you have to do a variety of things quests from the CEO of Maliwan to get the coveted legendary weapon. Sounds interesting, right?

4. Little “Live-Service” For End Game better

give us a reason to play co-op more fun Gearbox (source: mobyGames)

I may be one of the many players Borderlands who are less interested in patterns end-game in this game. Honestly, repeating the story single-player Borderlands 2 repeatedly with difficulty level playthrough higher (like Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode) is not what appeals to me.

For business end-gameI think Gearbox Software needs to emulate online looter shooter game like destiny, where completing Raid Missions is the final goal of the players after becoming the strongest character in playthrough they were before.

Also keep in mind that this means is not meaningful Borderlands 3 must be fully transformed live-game service like destiny 2, but it gives us an extra reason to play again with other people, who have also maximized their characters like us.

The presence of service factors live-service which are minor in nature like Raid will not only make the community Borderlands 3 becomes more and more alive, but also becomes our impetus to play and experiment as other characters, whether to support roles in Raid, create built cool ones, or variations playthrough only.

5. Crossplay, Private Lootand others!

Okay, I admit I’m too “crazy” here because I forced myself to collect all my desires inside listicle contains these five points. However, for efficiency reasons, here are some other points I wish I was on Borderlands 3:

  • Crossplay : Ouch! Gearbox, with the help of your partner Epic Games, the truth is Borderlands 3 can replicate the system crossplay Fortnite! so we can play with caste gamers others, starting from PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
  • Private Loot: I used to get emotional because my sister repeatedly conceded cool weapons to me Borderland games previously. Luckily Gearbox has confirmed this feature will exist Borderlands 3 Later.
  • Interactive Map + Mini Map: Remember Gearbox, don’t let us go back to the era Borderlands 1, where we have to wait ten years for you to add this all through Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition.
  • Better UI system: I like how the menu looks games it is as if it is a hologram that appears in front of the player character. Hopefully Borderlands 3 even better.

Those were some of the points we want above Borderlands 3. Now! now it’s your turn, guess what else needs to be added or added to the inside games this later? Please voice your opinion in the comments column!

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