Why the PlayStation 1 Era is Better than the PlayStation 4 Era

PlayStation 1 is one game consoles whose existence is still remembered today. There are a lot of them games cool that became part of the history of the industry video games overall.

As a result, it’s no wonder that the PlayStation 1 deserves to be considered console in my opinion very successful, even very difficult to compete with console sort of like a PlayStation 4 though.

I, who once felt the frenzy of the PlayStation 1, saw that there were many factors that made the golden era of the PlayStation 1 feel far more powerful than the PlayStation 4. Why? Here’s the review.

Developers Games Still Dare to Experiment

In a way, the heyday of PlayStation 1 represented an era where developers dared to take risks to concoct formulas games which is experimental in nature. The steps they take are also accompanied by exploration gameplay which is quite broad. The result is a lot of unique genres that are presented starting from arcades.

games like Bishi Bashi Special, PepsimanAnd Crash Team Racing is the result of the concoctions of the developers. In a way, PlayStation 1 is an arena of trial and error to create games solid and iconic.

Even with the many limitations, the existing developers are always able to satisfy gamers’ thirst. That’s what makes the PlayStation 1 look unique and to me memorable.

Games which emphasizes the totality of non-cinematic stories

How many games PlayStation 1 which has an extraordinary story? The answer is of course there are many. Then how much games PlayStation 4 which has an extraordinary story? Maybe only a few.

In the past, one of the limitations that existed on the PlayStation 1 was a matter of graphics. Yes, the chart is in console this is still ugly even far from refined. With this limitation, in the end, the developers put more emphasis on the quality of the dialogue and stories they presented.

By improving dialogue and story, of course the gamers has an immediate effect. For me personally, in the era games modern as it is today is very difficult to find games with a story as cool as the series Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, And IX or search games with deep stories Breath of Fire IV for example. In the modern era, the one and only games with a story that I think is really impressive is The Witcher 3.

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This is because games modern emphasizes the cinematic factor with great graphics, then wrapped in an easy-to-digest story. Compare with era games At this time, the graphics are more beautifying than the story. The result is “Crazy, the graphics are really cool huh.” At least that’s the only testimonial that I often find.

The amount games with an in-depth story, of course, it makes it difficult to shift the name PlayStation 1 from the minds of the audience.

Multiplayer Profound Simple

Playstation 1

What made the PlayStation 1 era better than the PlayStation 4 era were the features multiplayer its really simple. No function on line, There isn’t any matchmaking, there is only you and the laughter of friends next to you.

At that time, one of the common features encountered was split screen. This feature is a feature that is embedded when playing multiplayer games certain. Later, television will be divided into two, either vertically or horizontally.

Although limited, however split screen I have to admit it made the PlayStation 1 era one to remember. Play with friends when weekends become a habit that certainly brings its own memories for its connoisseurs.

Compare that with the PlayStation 4 era, which tends to be personal because of the rapid development of the existing internet. In addition, the loss of features split screen in a few games It also seems annoying because we can’t invite friends to play.

Apart from that, PlayStation 1 also has culture “multiplayer” a new type that is rarely replicated today, namely the Memory Card swapping. Games like Yu-Gi-Oh or Monster Rancher being one games that offers this kind of game model.

Usually to play this way, gamers must bring each Memory Card to duel with player others who also have to bring their own devices.

The point, in the age of the PlayStation 1, is to play multiplayer, gamers must sit together in one console and one television. This adds to its own excitement compared to the PlayStation 4 era which tended to be online and individualistic.

PlayStation Rentals are Mushrooming

Playstation 1

In the PlayStation 1 era, one of the most striking things was the proliferation of rental businesses games in almost every corner of the area. Understandably, the rental business at that time was indeed able to reap insane profits. The capital? It’s quite a bit because usually a rental only requires a console plus a TV.

The price set at that time was relatively cheap, which was around 2 thousand rupiahs per hour to the most expensive 3 thousand rupiahs.

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In the PlayStation 4 era, we as gamers it’s rare to find a rental. If usually the rental is a place to chat about games which are currently hits, now to chat about things games we can only do it on internet forums or just watch on Twitch.

Puzzles It’s hard to collect!

Playstation 1

The PlayStation 1 era was better than the PlayStation 4 because of the majority games which is concocted has puzzles which is incredibly difficult. To be able to complete it, it takes trial and error many times until finally we can find it.

The limited internet also makes it difficult for us in Indonesia to access guide walkthrough. The only thing we could access at that time were magazines games like Hot Game and Zigma Omega for example.

With puzzles this is difficult, gamers get feel depth. Compare with games in the PlayStation 4 era that tends to be made easy with puzzles less challenging for reasons of accessibility. Nonetheless, some games on PlayStation 4, in fact, there are also puzzles with a high level of difficulty.

Those are some of my opinions about the PlayStation 1 era being more powerful than the PlayStation 4. Those of you who have played PlayStation 1 before will surely understand and feel this decline along with the development of technology in the industry. games itself.

My hope is in the era console the 9th generation later (PlayStation 5 and next Xbox), developers can rediscover their prowess to mix games like in the past.

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