The 5 Best Bosses in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice is still a hot topic of discussion today. Games made by FromSoftware, which launched on March 22, gives a distinct impression because it has an inhuman level of difficulty.

To be able to finishgames This requires seriousness and careful preparation, of course. Understandably, in addition to the high level of enemy difficulty, Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice also has a boss who is ready to make you shake your head.

Gimbot’s crew have had their fill of salt with the game games and through this article, we have selected 5 boss the best you’ll find in Sekiro.

Genichiro Ashina

Sekiro Shadow Die Twice

Genichiro Ashina is boss the best in Sekiro which we will discuss first. Boss this one first appears at the beginning of the game as the opening story of Sekiro.

Genichiro is strong because he has an attack pattern that is quite difficult to read. Boss this will later change to Way of Tomoe mode which has more destructive attacks than normal attacks. It doesn’t stop there, if you follow the story section of Immortal Severe and Return Ending Sekiroyou will face the final version of Genichiro Ashina with his new attack mode.

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This last mode is Sword Saint which is also quite annoying. Imagine, as soon as you get hit by just one strike of Genichiro, you will immediately lose 75 percent of your life. Ouch!

Great Shinobi Owl

Sekiro Shadow Die Twice

Great Shinobi Owl is an old character whose abilities should not be underestimated. Even though it is included in the optional category, however games this gives you the opportunity to face Owl.

Just like your character, shinobi this one has lots of troublesome ninja tools. Besides that, the movements that are difficult to read also make it troublesome. To face the Owl really requires careful preparation, of course. Because if you don’t, you have to be willing to keep dying.

Emma and Isshin Ashina

Demon of Hatred
Sekiro Shadow Die Twice

Demon of Hatred is a big enemy with fire element. All the techniques he has are related to fire. As boss with a very large size, Demon of Hatred is also equipped with a fairly wide area of ​​attack.

One of the hardest things is when the Demon of Hatred is near death. When his life is low, the Demon of Hatred will try to catch those of you who are trapped in the ring of fire.

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To be able to finish the Demon of Hatred’s resistance, you must be good at keeping your distance and avoiding its attacks.

Guardian Ape

Sekiro Shadow Die Twice

Guardian Ape is arguably one of them boss the best there is in Sekiro. This one giant ape has a fairly wide and dangerous attack power. In ordinary battles, Guardian Ape is quite easy to beat.

But when it enters final mode, this monkey becomes twice as dangerous. Why? Because he will fight with you while bringing his wife. Although his wife has health bar less, but being surrounded by two giant apes certainly wasn’t a pleasant thing.

That was 5 characters boss the best there is in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice gimbot version. How about you? Which of the five made your game difficult? Sekiro, please write in the comments column!

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