Resident Evil 2 Remake Get DLC to Unlock All Secret Features

Resident Evil 2 Remake is one of games which successfully received a positive response in February 2023. Games it looks promising thanks to the refresh of the various things that made it successful fans both old and new players are entertained by the game.

Apart from being a place of nostalgia, games This also continues the positive image that Dutai has Capcom after Monster Hunter: World. Just as typical games predecessor, Resident Evil 2 Remake also don’t forget to tuck in various kinds of hidden things in it, one of which is the feature of playing as a tofu character.

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Apart from that, another hidden feature that you can unlock is Infinite Knife. This one feature opens when players have completed certain conditions, such as destroying all the Mr Racoon Toys scattered throughout folder. Even though it sounds easy, doing all of this actually takes a lot of time.

Luckily for those of you who want to open it right away, now Capcom provides a special DLC.

This special DLC will at least unlock hidden features such as:

  • Extra mode – “The 4th Survivor”
  • Extra mode – “The Tofu Survivor”
  • Infinite ammo Combat Knife
  • Infinite ammo Samurai Edge pistol
  • Infinite ammo Submachine gun
  • Infinite ammo Minigun
  • Infinite ammo Rocket Launcher
  • All non-paid costumes
  • All models
  • Concept art

For those who don’t have much time, you can take a look at this DLC so that everything can be unlocked instantly. Not bad right? Spend a bit more with enough prizes worth. Who’s interested?

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