Islanders Review, A Unique Strategy Game with Minimalist Visuals

I found Islanders by chance when I saw a new, reasonably priced game on Steam. From previews Visually, I’m already interested in this minimalist but beautiful looking game.

After trying to play Islanders it turns out that it’s not only good from a visual point of view, but also from a visual point of view gameplay. Even though it’s very simple, this game manages to combine two different game elements and make it a game that’s quite unique but fun, especially for those of you who like strategy and strategy games. puzzles.

Strategy Games/Puzzles with Taste City Builders


at a glance, Islanders looks like a game citybuilders where you turn an empty island into a big city. But not like citybuilders in general, your goal is to get as much score as possible from each building you place. Yup, this game is more precisely put in genres strategy or puzzles.

Each island has a different environment and objects, from trees, cliffs, flowers, and also water. Even the land on each island is different. You will then be given a choice of “packages” containing different buildings and place them on the island to get score.


Each building has a different interaction with other objects in the game. Buildings like the Lumberjack, for example, will get a big score if placed near a tree. This means that if you get the building, you have to place it in the middle of the thickest trees you can find.

The score of each building depends not only on the environment around it, but also on other buildings that you place. Not only that, some buildings can also give you a negative score if placed near certain buildings or objects.


With the existing building packs, you should be able to generate enough scores to completely fill the meter at the bottom left of the screen. Once fully loaded, you will be given a choice of new packages to place, and so on. If you collect enough scores, you can move to a bigger island. Conversely, if you run out of buildings to place before you can get new packs, the game ends and you have to start over.

Simple But Challenging Rules


Although simple, Islanders it turns out to be quite exciting especially if you like strategy games. Since the beginning of the game you are required to make strategies and plans for each island which is always different both in shape and environment.

The challenges don’t stop there. Each package you choose has different contents. With the size and interaction of buildings that are very diverse, you are required to be flexible and be able to maximize the score from the buildings you get. If at first you can place buildings at will, sooner or later you even have to pay attention and plan the arrangement and management of space for your buildings.


In terms of gameplay, Islanders is a game that is quite challenging. Each level can last quite a while. Because it’s not limited by time, you can leave at any time without having to worry about losing your progress. This means that this game is suitable for filling breaks or as a distraction in the middle of other activities (eg waiting Anthem loading screen).

Each session also provides a different island, so you will be given a different challenge every time you play.

Very Soothing Presentation


Islanders has minimalist graphics but still pleasing to the eye. Whatever the climate and environment, each island always looks beautiful to look at.

Not only pleasing to the eye, visual Islanders it’s also intuitive enough that you can understand what’s going on. All objects are clearly visible and consistent, and how much score you will get before placing the building is also clearly visible and easy to understand. After the tutorial in the first session, you are guaranteed not to need additional explanation and only need to see the text and numbers listed to understand this game even better.

Music Islanders also matches gameplay as well as the visuals. With soothing music, this game is even more fitting to accompany relaxing sessions after a tiring day of activities. It’s a shame that this game only has one piece of music that will continue to play throughout the game.



Islanders is not a game that you will make your favorite in 2023. But despite the shortcomings and simple concept, Islanders is a strategy game and puzzles pretty solid.

If you are looking for an interlude game to relax but want to keep sharpening your brain skills, Islanders you deserve. The rules are simple but quite challenging, making this game suitable to accompany your rest time after or before continuing your activities. Not only that, this game has a fairly cheap price, namely Rp. 44,099, – and you can get it on Steam right now.

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