5 Most Legendary Racing Games on PlayStation 1

Talking about PlayStation 1, it must be admitted that it will never end. Although decades have passed, era Playstation 1 still often used as material for discussion by gamers.

For myself, the PlayStation 1 is a masterpiece. Talking about PlayStation 1, of course what is interesting to discuss is genre racing inside it. With all the graphical limitations it had at that time, this one genre proved to be able to entertain the audience gamers by presenting exciting and adrenaline-filled vehicle racing action.

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So, therefore, through this article, Gimbot will discuss five racing games legendary on the PlayStation 1. Who knows from the fifth games Our selection turns out to be the right one for you!

Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing is one of games legendary racing in Playstation 1. Games imitation Mario Kart this one presents an unusual race because there are lots of jokes in it.

Just like his name, Crash Team Racing takes various characters from the series games Crash Bandicoots as the character that the player uses to race.

Same as Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing also presents various types of weapons that make the race battle even more lively, ranging from rockets, Nitro boxes, bombs, and others.

Interestingly again, games this is also equipped Story Mode quite interesting to follow. So you don’t just compete in car racing, but also follow a small story about the ambitions of an evil racer alien named Nitros Oxide.

Nascar Rumble

Close to each other on the Nascar car race track while being chased by a tornado? It’s clear that this only exists in games Nascar Rumble. Games made by EA is one of them games legendary racing which unfortunately we rarely see again in the current era.

Brutal circuit racing is the main attraction of this Nascar Rumble itself. Seeing cars with racing sponsor stickers flying here and there, can only be found at Nascar Rumble.

Road Rash: Jail Break

Road Rash: Jail Break. Games This motorbike racing only sounds familiar to those who play PlayStation 1. Games from serial Road Rash it presents motor racing action that presents a lot of barbaric things in it. Understandably, in this race you can hit each other with the enemy so that they fall and kiss the asphalt and pavement.

The most interesting of games this is a feature multiplayer duosits where player one focus on driving the motorbike while player the other is focused on beating up the enemy. Motorcycle racing action has never been so cruel and vicious games This.

Gran Turismo 2

How many games a racing simulation that presents details and realistic car driving simulations? Not many. But there is one games racing simulation on PlayStation 1 which must be recognized as one of the most perfect.

Games it is Gran Turismo. Here the movement of the car is truly realistic and the graphics offered are also the best of its time.

It feels like there’s nothing to complain about from the game games This. in his time, Gran Turismo is a masterpiece for fans of the genre racing which then made his name continue to be known today.

Colin McRae Rally 2.0

in the era gaming modern, dirt is one of games rally racing which can really grab people’s attention gamers. But in the past it just existed Colin McRae Rally 2.0.

Colin McRae Rally created by a developer called Code Master who is also in charge of the series dirt. In the past, Colin McRae Rally presents extraordinary sensations in navigating the rally circuit.

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At that time, the graphics offered were also very attractive because of the cars and rally circuits that were on it games This is built in as much detail as possible, complete with obstacles and signs typical of the rally in it.

That seems like a 5 games legendary racing on the PlayStation 1. The five of them have indeed become a breakthrough in the PlayStation 1 era, although for now it’s the fourth games it should dim his name. For now only Gran Turismo which is still consistently presented to racing fans.

Well how about you? Is there games classic car racing missed here and deserves to be mentioned in the list? Please voice your opinion in the comments column.

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