PlayStation Console Evolution from Time to Time

The first time the PlayStation was released in 1994 for the PlayStation 1 series in Japan. This release was followed in various regions around the world one year later.

For now, PlayStation must be recognized as one of the best consoles in the world, which has millions of fan base. For those of you who are fans or PlayStation users, it’s good to know the history of PlayStation from its initial release until now.

Playstation 1

In 1990, Sony launched the first generation of PlayStation or commonly known as PSX. Although classified as the debut of a new player, console This iconic and legendary turned out to be successful in hitting the industry games which at that time was dominated by SEGA and Nintendo.

At the time of its emergence, the PlayStation 1 was able to take over the market because of the storage system gameswhich is classified as “current” because it uses a Compact Disc (CD).

In addition, the PlayStation 1 also includes a storage system in the form of a 1MB Memory Card. Previously, 1MB was considered sufficient for storage games with a unit purchase price that is still quite affordable.

This first generation Sony console had quite luxurious specifications in its day, namely 3232-bit MIPS (33mhz) CPU, 32-bit R800A (33mhz) GPU, 2MB RAM, 640×480 resolution, and a data CD media reader.

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In addition to inputting images, the PlayStation 1 uses a red, white, yellow (RCA) cable to plug into the television. The resulting image must be admittedly better than console such as the Sega Saturn and Atari Jaguar.

No less cool is the engine games this one is the design covered in white for the version slim and gray for the regular version.

The stick plug at that time still used a special PlayStation plug with six pin holes. Besides that controllers The PSX should also be admitted to have a slightly better design in comparison console another in his time.

Playstation 2

PlayStation 2

Six years after the presence of the first generation of PlayStation, the industry games Welcome back to the presence of the second generation of PlayStation. Consoles this one has a more solid design than the PSX.

Taking the main design color black, console it looks really cool And Stylish. For design controllersPS2 has a variation of Dual Shock which is different in color from the PS1 version.

Another difference that is so pronounced is the shape console The PS2 tends to be longer, slimmer and can be placed vertically. For business displaysPS2 still uses the same RCA cable media as console previous generation.

PS2 has a data storage memory for savegames in the form of a black 8MB Memory Card.

PS2 itself is equipped with specifications 64-bit ‘Emotion Engine’ (299mhz) CPU, ‘Graphics Synthesizer’ (147mhz) GPU, 32mb RAM, 2mb VRAM, 480 × 272 LCD resolution, and storage media games in DVD form. Oh yes! One more, console This was also asked as the cheapest DVD player in its time. No wonder the sales console it was a resounding success in the United States.

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Playstation 3

PlayStation 3

Six years after launching the PS2, Sony is back with a bang console The third generation of PlayStation to be exact in 2006.

Technologically, the PS3 is clearly far superior to the PS2. It starts with usage controllers Dual Shock PS3 which is wireless. Besides that, the menu display on the PS3 is also more complicated with the Linux operating system in it.

PS3 at that time was referred to as console up to date because it contains so many multimedia features. In terms of engine and quality, there is no need to doubt it because the PS3 has a High Definition resolution, even on some titles games can be displayed in Full HD with a resolution of 1084p.

The PS3 can issue a large resolution because it uses an HDMI cable which is better than RCA in terms of presenting images.

The PS3 itself is powered by a 6 core Cell CPU system (3.2GHz), ‘Reality Synthesizer’ (500MHz) GPU, 256MB XDR (3.2GHz) RAM, 256MB GDDR3 (700MHz) VRAM, and Blue Ray Disc storage media.

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What needs to be known, since the PS3 era, there is no memory card anymore because the PS3 itself uses a hard drive as a storage medium. PS3 has a capacity of 160GB to 250GB depending on the package offered to consumers.

But what’s unfortunate is that the PS3 has a serious problem called the Yellow Light of Death or YLOD. If we continue to play the PS3 over, then we will trigger YLOD, which means when the yellow light on the PS3 turns on, our PS3 will die and must be repaired.

Of course this hurt the development of the PlayStation, not to mention the dominance of Microsoft which excels with console their Xbox 360 in the same year. Even so, intention gamers buy console this one can not be prevented because of the fact that the PS3 is still selling well in the market.

Just like PlayStation 1, PS3 also has several variants, namely PS3 Slim and FAT.

Playstation 4

After being satisfied playing with the luxury of the PS3, gamers finally got the news of the latest generation console in 2013.

A number of franchises like Assassin’s Creed it even does a great visual jump in console Sony’s next generation, PlayStation 4. which is much more powerful than before.

This time Sony is still maintaining wireless controllers Dual Shock with a completely unchanged design, but this time with a touchpad feature that is useful for directing the cursor on the screen.

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For engine matters, the PS4 is equipped with a Quad-core ‘Steamroller’ (3GHz) CPU, AMD HD 7670 (1GHz) – assisted by A10 APU (CPU/GPU companion processor) GPU, 8GB RAM, 1GB VRAM, and storage media. games on Blue Ray.

Multimedia functions in the PS4 era are getting more complicated and cool, more or less the same as the PS3. The hard drive provided on the PS4 is also quite large, namely 500GB to 1TB (in the Slim version). For matters of graphics, there is no need to doubt because the PS4 is capable of playing full HD very comfortably.

Even average games on PS4 it already supports full HD 1080p. Apart from that, there is no need to doubt the matter of durability because the PS4 has better durability, even to be played for hours on end.

When it’s hot, the PS4 will turn on the sensor marked with a red light. Usually the PS4 has a blue light in the normal state.

The technology on PS4 is also very futuristic because we can play VR on this console!

Playstation 4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro or what is known as the “PlayStation 4.5” can be said to be the fourth generation of Sony’s console. But this console also has to go inside list the evolution of the PlayStation from time to time because the machine specifications are slightly better than the usual PS4.

The PS4 Pro version has AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 specifications, 8 core CPU, 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine, 8GB GDDR5 memory. PS4 Pro is much more powerful because it is able to play games up to 4K resolution!

Even so, to play PS4 Pro to the fullest, of course we have to have a TV that supports 4K technology, and of course, bandwidth fast internet to download data games support for 4K resolution which is slightly larger than the normal size. Consoles This is competing with the Xbox One X released by Microsoft to make up for the shortcomings of the previous Xbox One, which was technically inferior to the PS4.

So, maybe that’s the discussion about the evolution of the PlayStation from time to time. Hopefully those who are wondering about the PlayStation specs can be enlightened.

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