10 Cheap Steam Games With Prices Under IDR 100,000

Games quality doesn’t have to be expensive. The proof is, on Steam you can find lots of cheap games for under IDR 100,000, which is cool.

Admittedly, being cheap the games on this list won’t present super graphics. But from the side gameplay and stories, we guarantee you will be satisfied. So if you’ve run out of new games to play but are broke, consider buying these 10 games.

Papers, Please


One of games which is very unique but has a very unusual appeal. Papers, Please put you in as an immigration officer. Your job is to check the completeness and correctness of the files of people who wish to enter your country, Arstotzka.

The more people you get right, the more money you get. Premise and gameplay games it’s very simple. But over time you will be placed in positions that challenge morality.

You will often feel willing to let a few people go without complete paperwork, but on the other hand you will have to raise money for your family’s food and living needs. It is these unique situations that make Papers, Please give you a unique experience.

Papers, Please can you downloads on Steam for IDR 69,999



Islanders looks like games citybuilders normal with minimalistic graphics. But once you start playing, you will immediately realize that this game is more accurately described as a strategy game and puzzles.

Your task in this game is to assemble the buildings you get to collect as many points as possible. If you run out of buildings to install, it’s game over. This means that you are required to maximize all the buildings you have while enjoying the visuals and soothing music in this game.

For those who are still unsure, we also have a short review for Islanders

Islanders can you downloads on Steam for IDR 48,999

VA-11 Hall-A


Welcome to VA-11 Hall-A or Vallhalla, a bar where various people come to visit to unwind. You are the bar owner who must serve visitors who order drinks.

kindly gameplay, VA-11 Hall-A is games which is quite unique. But in between these assignments, you will hear unique stories from various visitors who are going through their own lives. Over time, these stories will become more interesting and make you like them even more games This.

VA-11 Hall-A can you downloads on Steam for IDR 95,999



Who says you can’t get games sandbox with two-dimensional graphics? terraria prove that you can do that.

In games Here, you are free to do whatever you want. You can build your own base, then explore various dangerous areas to find various things to grow your base and colony. Be careful, because at certain moments the enemy will come to take your base.

terraria can you downloads on Steam for IDR 89,000

Portals & Portals 2


Even though they should be separated portal And Portals 2 have the same basic mechanics so we decided to combine the two. In second gamesyou have to complete various puzzles by using portal gun that can get you from one point to another.

Second games have a lot puzzles which is interesting and genius even though it only uses one basic mechanic. Besides that, the story that happened in the middle of your efforts to finish everything puzzles also makes this game more memorable.

portal And Portals 2 can you downloads on Steam, each priced at IDR 69,999

Golf It!


Actually, there’s nothing too special about Golf It! You just play games mini golf with simple mechanics and compete with other players to be the best.

Not if all players play at the same time. You can play as usual, or you can hit your ball towards your friend’s ball out of the playing area. Just make sure you’re still friends after the game ends.

Golf It! can you downloads on Steam for IDR 79,999

Risk of Rain


Risk of Rain is games platformers with elements rogue-like. This means that you have to face various kinds of enemies and challenges on a mysterious planet that is the location games This. But once you die, you have to come back from the beginning without upgrades what you got before.

Like games roguelikes in general, Risk of Rain is games which is quite difficult because you can’t just move around or waste resources. But if you find it difficult, you can play with three other people to help you.

Risk of Rain You can download it on Steam for IDR 89,999

Poly Bridge


One more games puzzles which you can play as a time filler. Poly Bridge invites you to build a bridge so vehicles can cross the river.

Games it has puzzles quite challenging and varied. In each level you will be given limited resources as well layouts which is always different. As the game progresses, you are really required to recognize all the components you have, their interactions with passing vehicles, plus a little physics.

Poly Bridge can you downloads on Steam for IDR 69,999

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy


Yup, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy included as one games at a low price. Makes sense considering games it only has one level to play and you can finish it in just a few hours.

That is if you can really control the character in this game. believe me, games it will really test your patience because the controls are very very strange. Just a little wrong, you could fall and lose all progress in an instant. Still fun, but depending on the definition of fun for you.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy can you downloads on Steam for IDR 59,999

Into The Breach


Creator Faster Than Light present with games new in 2023 ago with the name Into The Breach. Given the difficulty level of Faster Than Light, games This new game is clearly anticipated as a difficult game.

This anticipation turned out to be true. above the surface, Into The Breach looks like games strategy turn-based normal. But two or three levels later, you’ll realize that you don’t just have to finish off giant bugs with an army of robots with unique powers.

You also have to pay attention to the existing missions and keep the insects from destroying the residents’ buildings. One mistake can be bad not only for one turn, but ruin your gameplay.

Into The Breach can you downloads on Steam for IDR 95,999

There are many other cheap games on Steam that you can get for under IDR 100,000. We will create a follow-up list to add to your current collection on the budget.

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