Nintendo Shows Joker and Many New Features in Update 3.0 Super Smash Bros. ultimate

After a long wait, Nintendo finally announced updates 3.0 for Super Smash Bros. ultimate. Besides balance patch for each character, one thing that most awaited in updates this is the presence of a new character namely the Joker from Persona 5.

But updates which will live April 17, 2023 evening (maybe) this does not only provide those two things. There is a lot of new content that you can enjoy on updates 3.0 this.

New Character: Joker


Having been promised since before release, the character Persona 5 The Joker is finally here updates 3.0 this.

From videos gameplay shown, Joker seems to have a variety of melee attacks and projectiles that are balanced. But what makes it unique is that it has a meter that fills up if it accepts damage or successful activate counters.

If it is fully charged it can issue its Persona Arsene. As long as Arsene is active, all of Joker’s moves change slightly and of course are stronger.

You can play Joker if you have bought Fighter Pass 1 for US$ 5.99 or bought it directly bundle contains five Fighter Passes that will come in at US$24.99.

New Stages, Music, and Spirits from the Series Persona


In addition to the characters, you will also get stage as well as new music from the series Persona.

stages The newly named Mementos looks like it has three platforms which can move. With hazard active, stage these will occasionally have a roof, closing last zone the top, and the train that passes at the bottom. If the roof above isn’t going to hurt you, the train below definitely will and send you flying.

Complete stage With this update, you will also get 11 new music from three games Persona different. Depending on which music is playing, color stage The Mementos will change color according to the song.

Apart from the Joker, other characters from Persona 5 is also present in this game in the form of Spirit. Plus they also appear in the Final Smash Joker in the game.

Just like the Joker, stageYou can access , music, and new Spirits if you already have Fighter Pass 1 or all Fighter Passes.

New Mii Fighter Costume


If you like playing with Mii Fighter, you will also get a new costume in updates 3.0 this. You can use Morgana’s hat from Persona 5Yu Narukami’s costume and Teddie’s hat from Persona 4and the costume of the protagonist of Persona 3. Not only that, you can also use Tails and Knuckles costumes from Sonic The Hedgehog.

All of these costumes are not free. You have to buy each of them at a price of US $ 0.75 per costume. Yup, this costume is sold separately from the Fighter Pass that you might already have.

Create Your Own Stage in New Feature, Stage Builder


Okay, it’s time for us to discuss the free features that everyone can enjoy at updates 3.0 this. The first, of course, is the Stage Builder.

Yup, after being ‘accidentally’ shown in a recent ad video, Stage Builder has finally been officially announced. In this feature you can create stage itself to be played by other players. you can make stage super cool or really weird. Be as creative as you like because this feature provides tons of tools that you can use.

Create Your Own Compilation Videos in Video Editor


Have some video clips that you want to show off to a lot of people? Just edit directly in the Video Editor feature!

In this feature, you can cut and combine several video clips gameplay you become one. After that you can insert several objects such as writing to make it cooler, as well as add music from Super Smash Bros. playlists. ultimate to get feel that fits. That way you can show your skills in playing.

Show Your Creations in Shared Content


Videos and stage you can show off not only to your friends, but also to all players around the world!

You always can share videos and stage that you create for other players to use and enjoy. If you like content created by other players, you can too likes content and follow that player to see what other content they create in the future. Apart from videos and stageyou can also use a combination of Mii Fighter costumes used by other players.

Smash World Features in the App Smartphones Nintendo Switch Online


Application smartphones Nintendo Switch Online will have a new feature, Smash World. In this feature, you can browse content created by other players, from videos to videos stage. If you like certain content, you can bookmark that content for you later downloads on Nintendo Switch. Apart from that, you can also make Spirit combinations to prepare for playing on mode spirits.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch Online application itself is not available for Indonesian Google account owners. You must have an account from another country or look for a separate APK.

All updates above will be coming April 17th 2023 most likely tonight. Depending on whether you have the Fighter Pass or not, you can enjoy all or some of the content above. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a Fighter Pass you can still play as usual, it’s just that you won’t be able to use the Joker or enjoy the content. Persona more in Super Smash Bros. ultimate.

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