[Opini] 5 Reasons Why Apex Legends Isn’t Interesting Anymore

Apex Legends like being confused, no one knows which way games it runs. Lots of issues starting from release updates messy, bugsAnd battle pass what is not so great is the trigger.

If you read the article Is the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Worth Buying, you’ll notice that I gave a halfway answer.

The answer depends on how often you play Apex Legends. But if I had to choose, I would say yes. This answer is also because you can buy battle pass For seasons next for free if you manage to collect 1000 Apex Coins.

In fact, the article has also discussed issues such as skinsBattle Pass, and Apex Packs which sometimes don’t give good items.

Then, what actually makes Apex Legends not interesting anymore? Here’s why.

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The amount cheaters

Cheaters is an enemy to all gamers. There’s nothing more annoying in a game when you have the upper hand and are beaten by someone cheaters.

There are two types of programs hacking For cheaters in Apex Legends, that is aimbot And speedhack. Aimbot will get you headshot easily. Whereas, speedhack allows your character to run very fast.

Fortunately, cheaters it is only found on the PC platform. Meanwhile, PS4 and Xbox One are still safe. But remember games it carries genres FPSof course the number of players will be dominated by PC players.

Patch updates which is old, bugs, And glitches

So far, Apex Legends updates which is significant is only given twice, starting with the new weapon Havoc and the Battle Pass Season 1 which features the character Octane.

Although some balance has also been implemented in updates for weapons like Wingman and Peacekeeper, release the range between updates this feels a bit too long since games it was released two months ago.

Even some patches having such a problem Update 1.1 who me-reset your account so you will lose all progress Your Player Level.

not miss, Apex Legends still has a lot left bugs And glitches like Legend getting stuck in the Supply Ship while doing finisherthe player suddenly jumps away suddenly, until the weapon malfunctions when knockdown.

Minimal challenge or fashion battles alternative

Apex Legends may be proud to bring a new color to the battle royale genre because it displays features smart pings And squad respawning. But this feature can be easily copied by its competitor, Fortnite.

the thing is, Apex Legends still don’t want to cheat on the features in games next door like challenge good for daily or deep battle pass or fashion battles alternative like to duos and modes with specific weapons.

Problems skins because of the view first-person

Game camera viewpoint Apex Legends presented in view first person and this is one of the disadvantages of using skins in the game for being not very useful.

There is some truth but not entirely wrong. Game style Apex Legends itself requires players to always play with fast paced action which is very common in games first person. So view first person be the key to the game.

Battle pass rewards not very attractive

With the Battle Pass, you will get a new status level, namely the Battle Pass Level which allows you to get 100 unique items starting from Banner Cards, Intros, Experience Points (XP), Apex Packs, Weapons skinsWild Frontier Legend skins And stats tracker.

Sadly, rewards this is considered not commensurate with the price tag of IDR 144,000 and mainly because there are still a lot of them cheaters so that many players are lazy to play it and return to the problem skins on.

Those are some opinions regarding the problem of why Apex Legends is no longer interesting. What do you think?

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